What we offer

We prepare your current financial and payroll accounts, complete your private and business tax returns and check your tax assessment notices. We are committed to representing your interests to the authorities. Our clients usually issue extensive authorisation powers enabling us to communicate with the authorities, in particular the tax office, on your behalf and in all matters.

First of all, however, we have to get to know each other. Our theory, which has generally been confirmed in practice, says that the chemistry between client and tax consultant must be right from the very beginning. This is essential as a mutual guarantee for our future constructive and successful collaboration. You have the opportunity to introduce yourself, to describe your profession and to discuss the most important issues for which you are seeking advice. At this first meeting we also explain which tax obligations you can expect. Additionally, we point out issues which require your particular attention. In particular, it is immensely important to avoid mistakes when you are in the start-up phase of a new business (“Existenzgründung“). For this reason we provide intensive coaching specifically for founders of new businesses. Self-employed persons often have further questions which arise in the course of their work and as a result of expansion. We provide prompt answers to these questions – either in person, in a telephone conversation or per email. We believe that this is the best way to avoid mistakes and problems. If something does “go wrong”, it is our task to correct it. However, avoidance and correction are two entirely different things, which is why we recommend that our clients contact us before they make decisions on any larger issues. Please also note that we do not immediately invoice every performed service or consultation. You book a comprehensive consultation package that includes attention to regular questions concerning your operational business.

Our range of counselling services includes the increasingly important area of international tax law. We have gained our competence in these matters by advising many international clients on a broad array of practical issues. Additionally, we continually participate in additional training on VAT and income tax (e.g. double taxation agreements). We are also glad to use our proficient English language skills for communicating with foreign business partners and authorities on your behalf.

For an overview of our services please see here:

  • Preparation of tax returns

    Having discussed all possibilities with you, we choose the most suitable legal options and entitlements for the optimisation of your tax burden.
    We offer services for the following types of taxation:

    • income tax
    • corporate tax
    • trade tax
    • VAT
    • inheritance and gifts tax
    • assistance with land and property tax
    • assistance with land and property transfer tax
  • Preparation of financial accounts

    By regularly preparing your financial accounts we do not only fulfil your obligations to the tax office (e.g. submission of advance VAT returns), but also keep you up to date with regard to the economic efficiency of your business. Informing you about your income tax situation on completion of the third quarter – i.e. 30 September – is also part of our service. This comprises a calculation of your profit and your prepayments, which enables us to make a forecast with regard to your income tax assessment, giving you, for example, the opportunity of making tax reducing investments during the fourth quarter.
    Further services in the area of financial accounting include

    • advice for open items
    • cost accounting
    • supervision and assessment of in-house payroll accounts and financial accounts
  • Preparation of annual closing of accounts

    The preparation of tax returns and financial accounts is closely linked to the annual closing of accounts. We use the most suitable legal options and entitlements for your annual closing.
    We offer the following services:

    • preparation of annual closing of accounts in accordance with the provisions of trade and tax law
    • income surplus calculations
    • interim financial statements
    • assets accounting
    • special purpose balance sheets and supplementary tax balance sheets
  • Preparation of payroll accounts

    In addition to your ongoing payroll accounting, we also take care of the requisite certificates for wage tax and for the social security institutions. Official tax audits and health insurance company audits are conducted on our premises, ensuring that you can continue your business without disruptions.

    We offer the following payroll accounting services:

    • wages and salary accounts
    • submission of wage tax returns
    • submission of monthly health insurance contribution statements
    • registration with trade associations regarding accident insurance (“Berufsgenossenschaftsmeldung”)
    • applications for continued payment of wages in the event of illness (sick pay)
    • general counselling in personnel matters
  • Counselling for business start-up matters and tax structuring

    As initially mentioned, this area constitutes the most extensive element of our tax counselling. As counselling on tax and legal matters often overlap, we collaborate closely with a legal practice on these matters. The following is an overview of services from the areas of business formation and tax structuring:

    • business registrations and tax registration
    • advice for setting up a business (planning, concept, investment, financing)
    • start-up grant applications at the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency)
    • preparation of result, finance and liquidity plans for banks and investors (covering several years)
    • comparison of effective tax burden
    • tax and financial planning for private property
    • credit negotiations
    • balance sheet analysis
    • contract drafting (considering taxation aspects)
    • comparison of legal forms
    • changes in the legal form of a company
    • sale of company or company shares
    • counselling for company partners/shareholders
    • assistance in asset management in the event of anticipated inheritance
    • business succession
    • counselling on inheritance tax
    • tax concepts for business formation and business cessation
  • Representation in all tax-related matters and other services

    This consultation area includes the following main services (partially offered as collaborative efforts with a legal practice):

    • appeal proceedings against tax assessment notices issued by tax authorities
    • litigation in tax courts
    • legal representation in criminal proceedings for fiscal offences
    • execution of last wills and testaments as well as asset management
    • receivership in the event of business cessation
    • property management
  • Specialisation

    On the basis of many years of experience, we are able to provide a wide range of services to German as well as international artists and galleries. For example, we are experienced in the handling of commission transactions between galleries and artists. We can also provide expertise with regard to the requisite conditions for the exemption from VAT when selling works of art abroad.
    Initially the bureaucratic obstacles for international artists intending to take residence in Germany seem insurmountable, which is why we guide them through this “bureaucratic jungle” by providing the following services:

    • preparation of a business plan for the immigration authorities (“Prüfungsbericht für die Ausländerbehörde”), required for obtaining residence and work permits,
    • assistance for residence registration (“polizeiliche Anmeldung”),
    • advice and assistance concerning the selection of a health insurance company, in particular the Künstlersozialkasse (KSK) (social security insurance scheme for artists and writers), and application form drafting,
    • all registrations at the tax office and the Federal Central Tax Office (“Bundeszentralamt für Steuern“)
    • general communication with German authorities and companies